Monday, December 1, 2014

Mors Principium Est - Dawn Of The 5th Era

Band:Mors Principium Est


Album:Dawn Of The 5th Era


Date Released:Dec 2 2014



Enter The Asylum
God Has Fallen
Leader Of The Titans
We Are The Sleep
Innocence Lost
I Am War
Monster In Me
Wrath Of Indra
The Journey
The Forsaken


Band Members:

Ville Viljanen
Mikko Sipola
Teemu Heinola
Andy Gillion
Keven Verlay 






Genre:Melodic Death Metal

Label:AFM Records


Quality & Originality:Mors Principium Est is back with a brutally haunting powerful melodic release that is spine tingling. I love how this band has mastered the melodic death metal genre better then just about anyone. This album has high end production with amazing clarity on the entire release. I can hear how the music and style has changed with the several line up changes over the years but it is brutally sweet!! The amazing guitars are explosive and heavy but they are tight and clear. The singing is heavy enough to be death but they still have balance to them and not sloppy our a feeling of no breath to them.


My Opinion:Finland's metal giants fifth release is a real treat for me cause I have followed this band for a long time and have always known they had this album in them that is extreme but so very melodic. The band is locked and loaded with new guitar players that really hit that sweet spot and play amazing together on this release. This album is the bridge between Prog Metal/Death Metal (For you prog metal fans you get use to the heavier style of singing really fast and get to really enjoy it)but a very brutal version. I would not recommend driving and listening to this album cause a speeding ticket is going to happen!!!


Overall & Favorites:I Am War, God Has Fallen, Monster In Me. I give this melodic brutal heavy explosive expression of a grand album a solid 8/10 


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