Thursday, September 18, 2014

Adrenaline Rush - Adrenaline Rush

Band:Adrenaline Rush


Album:Adrenaline Rush


Date Released:Aug 22 2014



Black n' Blue
Generation Left Behind
Girls Gone Wild
When We're Gone
Want It All
Too Young To Die
Oh Yeah!
No No No
Playin To Win
Hit You Like A Rock


Band Members: 

Tave Wanning - Vocals
Ludvig Turner- Lead Guitar
Alexander Hagman- Guitar
Soufian Ma'Aoui- Bass
Marcus Johansson- Drums







Quality & Originality:Adrenaline Rush has a great straight up rock with a influence of 80's wrapped into the sultry vocals of Tave and a dash of punk that equals a really great rock album. The songs are all just great hook songs that are really easy to get into. This is not the most original band I have heard but I get the feeling that was the point for the songs was to just rock and have fun. Tave has come a long way since the pop duo peaches she was in and really nails a rock genre!!! The album has a great production sound from the mix and master very clear and solid.


My Opinion:If you are into bands like Warrant and Danger Danger or just a huge fan of straight up rock album with killer hooks you are going to love this album. The sassy feel of Tave and the powerful riffs this is a clear cut and dry killer album. This album took me back to a time when you did not need a 50 piece orchestra or tons of keys and a lot of instruments to make a good album just the basics and a great looking front man or woman in this case. I cannot wait to see where this band goes from here cause if you have not heard of this band I have a feeling you will very shortly!!


Overall & Favorites:Black n' Blue, Want It All, Hit You Like A Brick. I give this powerful 80's infused rock riff album a solid 8/10 cause any woman that can sing like that and look that good deserves a solid rating!! 




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