Thursday, September 18, 2014

Moon Land Featuring Lenna Kuurmaa

Band:Moon Land


Album:Moon Land


Date Released:Sept 19 2004



Heaven Is To Be Close To You
Open Your Heart
Crime Of Love
Poison Angel
When Love Is Gone
Out Of Reach
Live And Let Go
Cold As Ice
Over Me
Heart Made Of Steel
Look At Us Now
Another Day In Paradise


Band Members:

Lenna Kuurmaa- Lead Vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio- Keys, Percussion, Backing vocals
Francesco Marras- Guitars
Bruce Gaitsch- Nylon Guitar
Anna Portalupi- Bass
Alessandro Polifrone- Drums






Quality & Originality:Moon Land blew my doors off with such a great original multi genre release. This is Rock, Symphonic, Metal, Pop, Prog all wrapped up into a great album. These songs are amazing, original and very powerful. I can tell these songs were written for Lenna's vocal range cause she totally nails every part of this album. The band that is backing that beautiful voice and the song writing is stellar and well structured from top to bottom.


My Opinion:Since Vinalla Ninja went on hiatus Jenna has kept herself busy with many projects including acting. She really has hit a whole new height with Moon Land and shows that she is not just a one trick singer with the styles of these songs that take us all on a magical journey with powerful song writing. This album really has a lot of emotion built into it with ballads like ''Live and Let Go'' and I can see fans of almost all genre's loving part or all of this release. Kudos really need to also go to the entire band cause they all did such a killer job cause a great voice is only as good as the band and writing that backs them.


Overall & Favorites:Out Of Reach, Heaven Is To Be Close To You, Live And Let Go. I am a sucker for such a powerful singer and a fan of Vanilla Ninja and Lenna won me over with a solid 9/10 on this album.




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