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December 2014 Band Spotlight Chainfist

                   December Spotlight Artist Chainfist
Since the day of bands like Black Sabbath and Judas Priest the term ''Metal Music'' has become probably the most diverse of all genres. There is everything from rock, thrash, prog, death, goth, industrial and on and on opening the doors for bands that do not want to follow the FM popular bands or anyone else for that reason to do things there own way. The styles of ''Metal'' are so diverse depending on what country they are hailing from with some adding more keyboards or some choosing to down tune to the point it sounds like hell is opening up. Denmark native Chainfist decided to go there own way not following the FM sheep nor anyone else for that matter. They are a no non sense straight up in your face full on metal band with great melodic overtones. Chainfist almost sound like a mix of modern metal and prog mixed with a bit of classic rock thrown in for good luck. With heavy riffs and smooth well balanced leads a singer that knows when to turn on the heat and when to harmonize and last but not least a rhythm section that is about as tight as you can get. The band released there latest album called ''Scarred'' on October 6 2014. 

RBJ caught up with Mike Kopietz & Thomas Hvisel behind the massive guitars of the band!


For them that might not have heard of Chainfist lets roll on some basics.

When was the band formed, Where is the band from, Who are the members and what do they play?

MK: Chainfist started out back in 2007 in Slagelse. I came from the death metal scene and wanted to try some more down to earth groove rhythms. At that time I was really alone with the song writing. We tried all sorts of styles, which was to be found on our debut „Black Out Sunday“ from 2010. We just wanted to play live shows, getting the name out there, letting people know that we exist. And for Chainfist, and 2014, its like pedal to the metal, full speed ahead.

                                                                                                 Chainfist consist today of                         

Jackie Petersen- Vocal. Sm58 Microphone.

Thomas Hvisel- Lead Guitar. He plays Dean Razorback, Gibson les Paul Custom guitars,and uses Randall & Marshall amps, TC Electronic G-Major aso.

Braca Pedersen- Bass. He plays 4 and 5 strings Schecter bases. Warwick 450watts amp.

Jesper Heidelbach- Drums. Jesper plays Tama Starclassic performer.

Michael Kopietz- 2 Gibson Explorer, 1 Gibson Les Paul, 1 Silvertone ”KISS Paul Stanly Custom), TC Electronic 1140 Pre-amp/parametic EQ, TC Electronic G-Major and a Yamaha SPX900 Studio effect processor, with Korg rack-tuner. 1 HiWatt Custom 100Watt Power Amp. With some MesaBoogie Dual-Rectifier parts here and there…

The band released a new album not long ago called ''Scarred'' what was the writing process like on it?

TH:Well, we all had many ideas, but they were pointing in many directions. Mainly because of our different backgrounds and influences. But when we found what we had in common, we began to make some good riffs and Melody's. Some songs came out of nowhere, others needed a lot more work and attention.

MK: Yeah, it was and is a very creative process. Thomas and I are the ones providing the riffs, and ideas to the others, we all have to take out what we like and don’t like, present it to each other, and rewrite some of the shit again.

Where was ''Scarred'' recorded and who did the production on it?

MK: ''SCARRED“, was produced by Michael Hansen and the band, and it was recorded in two studios… We did the recordings of the guitars and bass in „Phon Studio“ with Michael Hansen from the danish band „Phonomik“ (Google it). And the drums and vocals was recorded in Jacob Hansen's studios ''Hansen Studios.“ Giving us to opportunity to use some more time, prerecording the songs first. Hard word I must say, but intense, spontaneous, and you can really hear the amount of energy that was put into this recording.

                                                                   Chainfist's new album entitled Scarred

Has the band done any video's for the album. If so how did the band decide what song or songs to make into a video?

TH: Yeah. We have made a lyric video for 1000 ways to bleed, you can find it here:

I guess the reason for this song, is that its one of the first we made together... and its a killer!

MK: It was pretty natural for us to pick out this one as Thomas say, this one was one of the songs that write itself, and really shows Chainfist from our strong side, not that the other songs doesn't, but check it out!

I have read that to really get a feel for Chainfist a person must see the band perform live is there any shows coming up and what do you think the band brings to the stage that makes them a must see?

TH:We have two shows coming up atm. 4 Dec. 2014 in Amagerbio – Supporting Pretty Maids, and 30 Jan. 2015 at Lygten Station in Denmark. Our Booker is preparing some more shows for us in 2015, so stay tuned for more updates regarding Tour.

A must see band, is something unique for you. But for me, its well played energetic heavy f**king metal!

MK: Basically all good music must be heard live. Live is where all the real magic happens, its were all the united metal heads stand together and the music comes to a new level of intensity!

I wanted to talk a second about the song ''Black Rebel Noise''. The band added a acoustic version of the song to the album what made the band decide to show a softer side?

TH: Well it was discussed a lot! laugh! But hell why not? who hates acoustic guitar?

MK: When the song was done as a promo track, Jackie put out my western guitar, and started playing the song as a ”Band camp” song… I was like… You know what, this is a radio song, promoting the band, in a acoustic kinda way. Well… We could do it, and we did, like or not, its there.

We are a music and gear blog so what bands are your favorites and inspired you to be a musician?

TH: I‘ll try to keep it short. Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Jimmy Hendrix and stuff. Later Judas Priest, W.A.S.P, Metallica, Death and Pantera.

MK: KISS has always been major icons for me, together with Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeth, Testament, Pantera etc.

Like the last question a lot of the readers are gear whore's also what gear makes Chainfist rock n roll and is there a certain piece of gear you cannot live without?

TH: We are a metal band, so we need tons of CONTROLLED distortion! Huge amps, and cabinets. The more the merrier! I think my friend Michael kopietz would say he cant live without EMG pickups!

MK: True, my EMG’s these are a must for me, but not only this. I love heavy guitars like Gibson. Put some 012 strings on them, and just do those fast picks, and down strokes, then you can feel the love coming out of the speaker.

Where can people find Chainfist online and also pick up the new album?

MK: Jackie, just did a amazing job putting together our brand new web shop ( There you can buy all our products, hoodies, cd’s, mugs, tanktops… Check it out, pretty cool stuff there.

There are new bands starting in garage's and basements all over the world what words of wisdom would you give them from not just the band portion but the business side of being a band?

TH: I would say. Don't do it for the money, cause business is bad. Do it because you cant stop playing.

MK: I agree… Do it because you cannot live without it, do it because you feel at home, do it cause you feel as a person doing it. JUST DO IT, for the love of music.

Any last words to the amazing people reading this today?

THANK YOU for reading this! For more on Chainfist, check out our website or Facebook: – C-ya out there on stage, more to come from us.

Thomas and Michael – Axemen from Chainfist!

With so much music and bands following what is popular on the FM dial or following the latest fads there are still a few true to there roots bands like Chainfist left in this world. There is nothing fancy about what Chainfist does it is just right in your face metal done by people that believe in what they do and could not do anything else but rock the masses!!! If you get a chance to see them perform live I suggest you jump on it cause they promise to make it a show you will never forget.

We did a talk about there latest release entitled ''Scarred''

You can find Chainfist on the web or on facebook both

                                                                         Teaser for the album ''Scarred''

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