Friday, January 2, 2015

Voices Of Destiny - Crisis Cult

Band:Voices Of Destiny


Album:Crisis Cult


Date Released:Crisis Cult



The Easy Prey
To The Slaughter
21 Heroes
At The Edge
Under Control
The Great Hunt
Your Creation (Digipak Bonus)


Band Members:

Ada Flechtner
Chris Gutjahr
Lukas Palme
Jens Hartwig
Klaus Ackermann 



Genre:Epic/Goth Metal


Label:Massacre Records


Located:Ludwigsburg Germany


Quality & Originality:Crisis Cult is there third full release I think this band went into the studio really determined to blow the doors off anything they had done to date. I love what the band has done on this album they have almost re-invented themselves a bit. The songs are extremely well structured with Andy Horn at Red Room taking on the producing, mixing and mastering on this album. I have always felt this band to be really original in there songs and a tribute to there genre with this album taking them a notch higher with a bit more balance and structure to this now veteran band. The album has so much power and raw emotion that Andy was able to take what the band had written and make it one of the best yet!!!


My Opinion:I first listened to this band on there first full release and was hooked. I knew that they was going to rise up the ranks pretty fast with the amazing song writing and the production of there albums. With a new singer and drummer on board I think they have almost come full circle in some ways hitting the best yet from this band. I along with some of there fans was a bit worried when the word that Ada was coming on board but after about 30 seconds into listening to this I knew something special had happened. This band has proved themselves time and time again in the competitive world of music sharing the stage with the likes of Epica, Xandria and Arven. If you like the goth, symphonic or female fronted metal this is really a early 2015 must have album!!!! 


Overall & Favorites:Wolfpack, 21 Heros, To The Slaughter. I have to admit I am so brought in by Ada that I have to give this a solid 9/10. I like so many musicians would give anything to work with a female like her!! 


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