Sunday, March 1, 2015

Blind Guardian - Beyond The Red Mirror

Band:Blind Guardian


Album:Beyond The Red Mirror


Date Released:Jan 30 2015



The Ninth Wave
Twilight Of The Gods
At The Edge Of Time
Ashes Of Eternity
The Holy Grail
The Throne
Sacred Mind
Miracle Machine
Grand Parade


Band Members:

Hansi Kürsch
André Olbrich
Marcus Siepen
Frederik Ehmke
Barend Courbois 


Formed:Mid 80's

Genre:Prog/Power Metal/Symphonic Metal


Label:Nuclear Blast


Quality & Originality:Blind Guardian has really put some serious time and effort keeping up there signature sound and song writing on ''Beyond The Red Mirror''. Hansi Kürsch & André Olbrich wrote a huge chunk of this release with Hansi Kürsch writing the lyrics. For this sound to reach the heights that it has on this album the band had Hungarian Studio Orchestra Budapest, FILMharmonic Orchestra Prague, Hungarian Studio Choir Budapest, FILMharmonic Choir Prague and Vox Futura Choir Boston all help get the magic of the backing vocals and amazing orchestra that is rich and damn vibrant. This is kinda a part two or a continuation of ''Imaginations from the other side'' released in 1995. Blind Guardian really did put one of there most significant albums to date with the sound, production and song writing as strong if not stronger then anything they have done to date!!!!!


My Opinion:This is the German metal mad men's tenth studio album. This is also the longest in between albums I can remember from Blind Guardian. It is no surprise they have flown to the top of there genre with great releases one right after another all resulting in a powerful presence. I think BTRM is or at least should be considered one of the best if not the best release the band has done to date with impressive production and song writing. Hansi never does a bad job with his returning magical voice that can do the roughest to the silky smooth all in the same second. This really is the best album that has come across my desk this year. I do not care if you are a Prog/Power fan or not you will rock this album out at a volume not meant for mortals ears!!!!


Overall & Favorites:The Ninth Wave, The Holy Grail, The Throne. The Red Mirror rocked my socks off to the tune of a 9.9/10 on such a brilliant freaking album!!!!!!





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