Sunday, March 1, 2015

ISSA - Crossfire





Date Released:Feb 20 2015



New Horizon
Long Time Coming
Fight Fire With Rain
Electric Lights
Ghost Inside My Heart
Red Lights
We Rise
Only You


Band Members:

Issa - vocals and bv's
James Martin – Keyboards
Tom Martin - bass and Guitars
Michael Cruise – Drums

Steve Overland – Duet on Raintown 


Label:Frontiers Music Srl


Quality & Originality:Issa and her velvet sweet voice is back with her new album entitled Crossfire. The Norwegian beauty has taken her brilliant style of almost pop rock mixed with AOR and prog to a grand new level of a beautiful arrangements and melodies. The album was produced by John Greatwood & James Martin. Sessions started in early 2013 with a bunch of songs ISSA had co-written or demoed in the Martin Brothers songwriting sessions. Guest musicians include Daniel Palmqvist (XORIGIN), Alessandro Del Vecchio (HARDLINE), Steve Newman (NEWMAN), Robert Sall (WORK OF ART), Daniel Johansson (DEGREED), Stephen Chesney. As well as powerhouse choir including Pete Newdeck (IN FAITH/TAINTED NATION), Matt Black (FAHRAN) and Michael Kew (VEGA).


My Opinion:Issa has always been a hard artist to nail down for me cause she could have easily went for the full on pop road cause of her amazing voice but she stays just on this side of the rock road to blend into almost any style or genre she damn well pleases. ''Crossfire'' is easily my favorite album of this gifted singer cause she seems to have matured a bit in her singing and song writing giving just enough to melt any metal heads heart and soul. The duet Issa does with Steve Overland on the song ''Raintown'' is beautifully executed and performed almost taking a different approach then the rest of the songs on the album. If you are into pop to metal or prog to symphonic this is a great album that will satisfy your appetite for something pretty special.


Overall & Favorites:Raintown, Crossfire, Fight Fire With Rain. I give this beautifully talented singer a brilliant 8/10 for making another spectacular album!!!!


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  1. What a voice this chick has! WOW!!! Awesome review Jon, but I would've gave it a 10/10