Saturday, November 1, 2014

Onslaught - VI

Band: Onslaught




Date Released:Sept 24 2014


A New World Order
Chaos Is King
Fuel For My Fire
Children Of The Sand
66 Fuckin 6
Cruci Fiction
Dead Man Walking
Enemy Of My Enemy


Band Members:

Sy Keeler
Nige Rockett
Jeff Williams
Andy Rosser
Mic Hourihan
Leigh Chambers




Label:AFM Records

Genre: Thrash/Metal


Quality & Originality:VI is a brilliant bold heavy sign that thrash and the genre are still very much alive and heavier then ever. Onslaught put everything but the kitchen sink into this album but while keeping the essence of the band they really broke the mold of what to expect from a ''Thrash'' album. The album has everything you want from massive palm muted guitars and bold fast drums but they add other instruments you normally do not see in thrash and to not over inflate my thoughts but even time signatures and feel. The production is great normally thrash has a very almost dull tinge or analog feel to it and this is production on a massive scale that really raises the bar. I love it when bands show they are not just a one trick pony and they try bold different arrangements for there songs and even almost prog sounding at times and then wrench it back up and almost kick you in the teeth.


My Opinion:Onslaught is a veteran band and have had legion of underground fans for many many years. They have had many line up changes over the years that usually will destroy the essence of a band but Onslaught shows they are bigger and badder then ever. I have been a huge fan of this band for many years and this album is by far my favorite cause of how they have really thrown out the book on what a thrash album should be and done it there way. This is a extreme riff saturated brilliantly metal that everyone from metal and thrash lovers to new age metal fans and even some prog fans should really take a interest in. Get ready to be metalized by the amazing Onslaught!!!!!!


Overall & Favorites:Enemy Of My Enemy, Children Of The Sand. I give this album a solid 8.5/10 for the brutal but tasteful way that the veterans come out swinging with the best of the best!!!!


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