Saturday, November 1, 2014

TEN - Albion





Date Released:Nov 24 2014


Alone In The Dark Tonight
It's Alive
Albion Born
Sometimes Love Takes The Long Way
A Smuggler's Tale
It Ends This Day
Die For Me
Gioco D'Amoure
Wild Horses


Band Members:

Gary Hughes
Dann Rosingana
Steve Grocott
John Halliwell
Steve Mckenna
Darrel Treece-Birch
Max Yates


Genre:Melodic Hard Rock


Label:Rocktopia/Cargo Records


Promotion:Rock N Growl


Quality & Originality:Albion is the next step for the amazing band Ten with a powerful prog hard rock epic album. Gary Hughes produced, wrote and arranged this beautifully written album. Albion was Mixed and mastered by Dennis Ward. I love how the songs were written and the meaning behind them. I think Gary did such a amazing job really getting his point across that Ten is and always will be at the front of the prog rock genre.


My Opinion:Albion is a great follow up to the bands Heresy And Creed from 2012. They have always pushed themselves to not just be another prog band but to be at the front setting the standards for all other bands to follow. This album is no different with great playing from all parties involved. So many of the songs off this album are almost instant prog rock anthems that have such a positive and bold presence to them that so many people can easily connect with!!


Overall & Favorites:Alone In The Dark Tonight, Albion Born, Die For Me. I give this album a solid 8.5/10 cause Ten really brings back how prog rock should be done with Albion brilliance!!!!! 



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