Saturday, November 1, 2014

Soulbender - Soulbender II



Album:Soulbender II


Date Released:Sept 30 2014


New Tracks 

Turn Anger Up
Slave To Reality


Fix Me
Clockwork And Compass
Rabbit Hole
The American Dream
Prime Time
Shoot Poem
This Ocean
Hunger Three Towers


Band Members:

Micheal Wilton
Nick Pollock
Wes Hallam
Dave Groves



Originated:Seattle Washington


Label:Rat Pak Records


Quality & Originality:This album is partially a new release old release material but both have great production and sound with great clarity from the mixing and mastering. The songs are bold and brilliant with a huge step away from the Queensryche sound we have all fell in love with from Wilton. I hear a bit of that alternative sound that was huge in Seattle back in the 90's but still has the huge guitar leads that should be in any metal band. The vocals are gritty but powerful with tons of melody at times that really ties this album together. 


My Opinion:Wilton and company took a very bold move in rehashing out songs from basically ten years ago then adding four new tracks. In most cases this would lead up to a total flop but it works and works very well cause the music does not seem dated at all. They prove that they are not just another grunge/alternative band rehashing out the 90's by having songs that are brilliantly written and performed. I hear so many styles from alternative, rock, metal, blues and classic overflowing into just a great album. If you love what Wilton has done in the past chances are you will really take to this album and have it a constant in your player!


Overall & Favorites:Turn Up Anger, Slave To Reality, The American Dream. I give this album a 8.5/10 because of the brilliance of the music bringing the old mixed with the new era of Soulbender!!!





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