Monday, December 1, 2014

Dimension - Revolution





Date Released:Nov 18 2014



Album I

The Source
Pale Horse
The Waltz Of Death
New Day
Tears And Blood
Welcome To American

Bonus Song

Eleanor Rigby

Album II

Human Device
The End Of All Things
War Dream

Bonus Song

Immigrant Song


Band Members:

Davie Quicho
Mane Cabrales
Edgar Allan 



Genre:Prog Metal


Location:Denver Colorado


Quality & Originality:Revolution is Dimension's third release that really comes out swinging. The lyrics or messages behind the music is about as serious as can be from taking a close look about War, Life, Religion and the mind behind it all. The music is top notch and same with production with a great mastering. The over all song writing on this album is some of the best I have heard this year with so many dimensions and emotions wrapped up into a great massive release. My only even remote wish on the album is the vocals was a bit louder but besides that this really is a technical album mixed with so many styles from the best styles of European prog and American Metal.


My Opinion:Dimension is not new to the music scene in there travels they have graced the stages with heavy hitters Evergrey, Anthrax, Pagan's Mind and so many more. It is amazing that they pull off as much as a trio as most bands do with a five or six many line up. This is a real ambitious album for them with two discs and two bonus cover songs that even the most seasoned band would not be able to pull off that this band does much justice to. Dimension really takes that European feel and mixes it with the American attitude and comes out with a Revolution that is damn amazing!!


Overall & Favorites:The Source, Tears and Blood, War Dream. I give this amazing Revolution a solid 8.5/10 for giving me another great Dimension to love there music!!! 



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