Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ronny Munroe-Electric Wake


  Band: Ronny Munroe


               Album: Electric Wake


Band Members: Guest Artists Include George Lynch, Pamela Moore, Sean Baker, Tony Rossi, David Donigian, Dave Rude, Paul Kleef

Date Released: June 24, 2014

Label: Rat Pak Records

Track Listing: 


Electric Wake 

Turn To Stone

My Shadow

Not You Not Me


Ritual Damage

Sleepless Mountain

The Others


Burning Time


Quality & Originality:Ronny Munroe is not new to the metal world with ''Electric Wake'' being Ronny's third solo album. The mix is right on with a old school fixture added for good measure. The songs are new but hit close to home on many styles from the past. The guitars are strong and right in the pocket of what you would expect from Ronny. The all star line up that come to aid in Ronny's vision is simply amazing from Pamela Moore to George Lynch and Tesla's axeman Dave Rude. The album has a thrash mix but a classic rock groove to my ears. Ronny proves once again that his voice can do more then just scream and proves why he is one of the greats of our generation. This album is very original but a great recreation of some of the greatest metal/classic rock albums of all time!!


My Opinion: Ronny has been a very busy man with a new album from Metal Church ''Generation Nothing'' and now this very over the top solo album. I honestly feel this is some of the greatest music Ronny has done to date. I have not been able to stop listening to this album since I purchased it after its release. I honestly would call this a metal album but in fact it is the heaviest classic rock album of all time with the hints of Dio, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Led Zeppelin and many others. This album is a winner for anyone that loves old school heavy metal, hard rock, classic rock and thrash.


Overall & Favorites: Electric Wake is freaking awesome with a solid 8.5/10 Rating from me. Favorite tracks are The Others, Not You Not Me and Ritual Damage. 


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