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Evil Masquerade-The Digital Crucifix

The Digital Crucifix By Evil Masquerade Album Review...

Reviewed By: Jon Hernandez 
Evil Masquerade

Album & Release Date:
The Digital Crucifix- April 22, 2014

Dark Minstrel Music

Year Established:

Band Members:
Henrik Flyman-Guitar
Tobias Jansson - Vocals
Thor Jeppesen - Bass
Dennis Buhl - Drums
Artur Meinild - Keyboard

Music Genre:
Prog Metal/Metal
Dark Minstrel Music

Artists/Bands album mission/message:
Celebrating 10 years of Evil Masquerade!

Track Listing
1. Like Voodoo
2. Buying Salvation
3. The Extra Mile
4. The Shame
5. The Nature Is Calling
6. Bad News
7. The Hangover
8. Anywhere The Wind Blows
9. Lady Of The Night
10. Gasoline & Ice-Cold Gin
11 Sign Of The Times

Quality of original music including song writing and message:
There is one of the most original releases I have heard in a while it is rock, metal, prog, orchestra, instrumental and almost jazzy at times. The writing on this album is brilliant bright, dark and evil at times.

Production value:
The production value on The Digital Crucifix is as high as you can find this day in age from the mixing to mastering and recording. I love how the album has such a full bold brilliant feel from start to finish.

My Opinion:
Evil Masquerade is a band that is always changing and evolving from release to release. The Digital Crucifix is no different the band has taken on Saffire singer Tobias Jansson to fill the outgoing Apollo Papathanasio. This album is brilliant with lush keys heavy guitars spiritual bass and bold drums. This album has so many dimensions to it where no two songs are really the same the multi directions keep you on your feet and keep your ears guessing on what will be next. My favorite part of this 11 song master piece is the arranging of the songs it is different then anything I have ever heard from any band. If you are looking for a release like the bands last one you might be a bit disappointed but give this album a chance cause the new evolution of Evil Masquerade will mesmerize.

Personal Favorites:
Like Voodoo. Lady Of The Night, Sign Of The Times

Artist Contact Info:

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