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Exorcism- I Am God


Album & Release Date:
I Am God-April 25, 2014

GoldenCore Records/ZYX

Year Established:

Band Members:
Csaba Zvekan (Raven Lord, Zvekan, ex Killing Machine)-vocals, Joe Stump(Raven Lord, Holy Hell, Reign Of Terror)-Guitars, Lucio Manca(Raven Lord, Solid Vision)-bass, Garry King(Joe Lynn Turner, Jeff Beck, Achillea)-drums

Music Genre:
Doom Metal

Rock N Growl

Artists/Bands album mission/message: 
Exorcism is today’s answer for heavy metal and sets clearly another milestone in music history. The music is doomy and lush while it flows lava like down your spine.With dark themed lyrics and melodies that could haunt you for life.
Track Listing
01. End Of Days 5:26
02. I Am God 6:46
03. Voodoo Jesus 5:05
04. Last Rock'N Roll 3:54
05. Master Of Evil 5:13
06. Exorcism 5:18
07. Higher 3:19
08. Stay In Hell 4:01
09. Fade The Day 4:43
10. Zero G 4:29

Quality of original music including song writing and message:
The feel on this album is such a great mix of  Metal, Classic Rock, Prog but themed Doom and serious Gloom. The song writing is very original but you can hear definite roots of Dio, Sabbath and at times a Jon Oliva style vocals.

Production value:
This album has such a amazing mix and master on it the drums are thunderous, the guitars stand out but do not over track the vocals. It does almost have a analog feel at times but for a Doom album I would expect nothing less.

My Opinion:
I Am God is an evil, gloomy, heavy, brutal album that everyone from rockers, metal heads to doomers will all have something they can bang there head to. Zveken has such range in his vocals from dark and evil one second and high end screaming the next what is very refreshing cause most doom albums are just dark growling most of the time. All the musicians have plenty of room on this album to represent there talents from the very bass and drum heavy song ''Voodoo Jesus'' to the ripping guitars and heavy vocal song ''End Of Days''. This album shows you can be one of the heaviest bands in the land and have serious talent but you do not need to play at the speed of light.


Personal Favorites:
End Of Days, Master Of Evil, Zero G

 Artist Contact Info:

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