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Reviewed By: Jon Hernandez 

Album & Release Date:
Shadows-April 15, 2014

AFM Records

Year Established:

Band Members:
Herbie Langhans-Vocals, Flo Laruin-Guitars, Marcus Siepen-Guitars, Alexander Schulz-Bass, Frederik Ehmke-Drums

Music Genre:
Melodic Power/Speed Metal

AFM Records

Artists/Bands album mission/message:
Since the release of our debut almost 4 years ago we’ve grown as a team and became a real band.

Track Listing
3.Call To Arms
5.Leaving The Road
6.Far Too Long
7.Black Death
8.Standing Tall
9.London Moon
10.Broken Wings

Quality of original music including song writing and message:
The songs are almost in a genre of there own that drips originality. I love how the songs mix Thrash, Metal, Prog all in 10 songs that will open your mind to a different way of looking at Prog and Power Metal.
Production value:
The tracks are layered and mixed to give the album such a huge almost out of this world sound. Flo and Marcus's guitar playing is so tight with each other that they have built up such a massive sound that hit you from multiple directions. The mixing, mastering and over all recording is perfect from all angles.

My Opinion:
Shadows is a remarkable Prog/Power Metal album with over the top guitars, Powerful keys, thundering drums and bass. Herbie Langhans vocals are earth shattering on every song. If you are a Metal fan of any kind you will find something to love about this album. This is ten songs of pure sinfully sweet shadow. This band has come so far in the past four years that puts this album on top of the metal world!! Every song on this album is pure guitar fueled energetic metal!


Personal Favorites:
Bleed, Broken Wings

Artist Contact Info:

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