Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nightmare-The Aftermath

Band: Nightmare


Album: The Aftermath


Genre: Prog Metal/Metal 



The Aftermath 

Bringer Of A No Man's Land

Forbidden Tribe


Invoking Demons

I Am Immortal

Digital DNA

Ghost In The Mirror

The Bridge Is Burning

Mission For God

Alone In The Distance


Band Members: Jo Amore, Yves Campion, David Amore, Franck Milleliri, Matt Asselberghs

Date Released: June 14, 2014


Label: AFM Records


Quality & Originality: The French metal band Nightmare is not new to the metal scene going back to 1979. The Aftermath is a superb album with a generous amount of energy crushing guitars and riffs. Technically genre of a Prog Metal band but the band always goes so far out with Thrash and Metal roots that crush the very soul with chunky rhythm and great booming double bass drums. This album has a great mix and layering of instruments and the vocals cut thru the mix but not drown it.


My Opinion:The Aftermath is a great return to what the fans of Nightmare want to hear after a bit of a slip with there last album ''Burden Of God''. This album is as good as anything they have put out but they have really pushed the riff limits to a whole new direction. Jo Amore is such a great singer and he really shines hard on this release (Hard to believe he was the bands drummer at one point). There is no fillers on this album every song will grab you and hold on with total metal excitement that this band is known for world wide. If you are looking for a really hard heavy prog metal album this will be the one you cannot stop listening to!!!

Overall & Favorites: I rarely give albums much over 8 cause I always feel there is a bit of room for improvement but on this release it is a solid 9/10 rating. Favorite tracks Bringer Of A No Man's Land, I Am Immortal, Alone In The Distance.



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