Sunday, August 3, 2014

Overkill - White Devil Armory



Album:White Devil Armory


Band Members:       Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth - Vocals
D.D. Verni - Bass
Dave Linsk - Lead Guitar
Derek "The Skull" Tailer - Rhythm Guitar
Ron Lipnicki - Drums

Date Released: July 22, 2014


Label:E1 Music (USA) | Nuclear Blast (Europe)




Down To The Bone


Bitter Pill 

Where There's Smoke

Freedom Rings

Another Day To Die

King Of The Rat Bastards

It's All Yours

In The Name


Quality & Originality:This is a killer thrash mix that allows the guitars, bass and drums to fly right into your face and beat you half to death. With a band like Overkill you are always going to get that almost analog feel but that is how us old school thrash lovers want it. So many thrash bands sound exactly the same but no one sounds like Overkill. White Devil Armory vocal tracks by  Bobby Ellsworth comes in and hits a home run with them rough high pitched vocals that no one else could dream of pulling off.


My Opinion: Overkill is thrash royalty in every way and they always bring the pain and brutal riffs on every album. This album is honestly one of the best thrash albums I have heard in some time with that classic riffage and feel we have all come to love. White Devil Armory is a album you do not want to listen to in your car cause your insurance will not like the amount of tickets you will get. It is brutal, loud, hard, rough, thumping pure madness wrapped up into some of the best metal these giants have released to date. This album makes me want to pickup my Carvin V and play it till my fingers bleed (Ok that was a bit dramatic but you see where I am going). If you are looking for  a balls out over the top full metal jacket of a album that will keep you up till the morning hours head banging and jacking them horns in the air you have purchased the right album!!!!!!!!


Overall & Favorites: I have to rate this massive armory a 9/10. personal favs PIG,Where There's Smoke, In The Name


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