Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Allen/Lande - The Great Divide

Band: Allen Lande


Date Released:Oct 17th 2014



Come Dream With Me
Down From The Mountain
In The Hands Of Time
Solid Ground
Lady Of Winter
Dream About Tomorrow
The Hymn To The Fallen
The Great Divide
Reaching For The Stars
Bitter Sweet



Band Members:

Jorn Lande: vocals
Russell Allen: vocals
Timo Tolkki: guitars, bass, keyboards
Jami Huovinen: drums


Genre:Melodic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

Influences: Primal Fear, Masterplan, Symphony X, Timo Tolkki's Avalon


Label:Frontiers Records


Quality & Originality:Allen/Lande is back with ''The Great Divide'' that has some major changes since the last album with Timo Tolkki handling song writing and production duties. The band from start to finish is veteran muscians from Jorn (Masterplan, Solo) Russell (Symphony X), Timo ( Stratovarius, Timo Tolkki's Avalon) Jami (Ring Of Fire,  Sentiment). This is a bit different then the previous albums but in such a great way. The depth and song writing is simply amazing. Russel and Jorn are in top form making this one of the best albums I have had come across my desk this year. Timo has brought the very best out of each artist and produced one of the greatest prog metal albums this year!!


My Opinion:There have been some amazing super groups in the years but this is hands down one of my very favorites. I have been a fan of Allen/Lande since day one. This album is a new direction but in such a metaltastic awesome way. I would put this album up against any rock or metal album that has come out this year cause every song is a masterpiece in its own right. The guitars are fresh and brilliant the keys are bold the drums are full and distinct the bass is solid and bold and the vocals are seriously out of this damn world!!!!! It is rare that I give out perfect masterpiece but The Great Divide delivers in every aspect!!!!!!


Overall & Favorites:Down From The Mountain, The Great Divide, Reaching For The Stars. I give this album a 10 for being so damn brilliant and bold with a team of musicians that are the top of there game on every song!!


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