Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Emil Bulls - Sacrifice To Venus

Band:Emil Bulls


Album:Sacrifice To Venus


Date Released:Sept 30th 2014


The Grave
Pants Down
I Wanna Feel You
Rainbows And Butterflies
The Way Of The Warrior
The Reckoning
The Age Of Revolution
Sacrifice To Venus
Gone Baby Gone
Man Or Mouse
Keep On Dreaming
Behind The Sun


Band Members: 

Christoph v. Freydorf
Stephan ''Moik'' Karl
James Richardson
Andy Bock


Genre: Alternative Metal


Label:AFM Records


Quality & Originality:Sacrifice To Venus is a bit of a change then the band has done in its long 19 year run. The music on this album is very original and being called alternative metal is really a miss cause this band is all over the place but in such a kick ass way. They are heavy almost hardcore then split into a great symphonic sound then back into a great hard rock then back over to the land of prog. The song writing is some of the best to date this band has done. The production is amazing the album was produced by Dan Weller (Enter Shikari, Young Guns, Bury Tomorrow) Mixed by Florian Nowak (DailyHero Studios Berlin) Mastered by Alex Kloss (Time Tools Mastering Studios Hannover).


My Opinion:Emil Bulls is a band I have had so much respect for cause of how they sound like no one. The veteran rockers have been beating out the metal for 19 years now and have a massive following from there native land of Germany. This album is a must for you that love it heavy but also are in the mood for something you will never hear anywhere else. This emotion on this album is intense and bringing in the mix of so many styles of music wraps this band into a masterful bow that will please even the most critical heavy metal fan!!!


Overall & Favorites:The Way Of The Warrior, Hearteater, The Age Of Revolution. I give this album a solid 8 cause of the metal journey that really drags your heard and soul into so many directions!!! 



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