Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Thunder Tribe - War Chant

Band:Thunder Tribe


Album:War chant


Date Released:Oct 15, 2014



More wicked Than Not
Part Of The Black
Say Goodbye
The Light
War Chant
Watching It Burn
Above The Blue
Echoes Of A New Day
It's A Lie


Band Members:

Micheal Duncan
Ronnie Duncan
Rock Sargent
Tom Dawson
Chad Osborne


Located: Kentucky


Genre: Heavy Metal/Prog Metal

Influences:Queensryche, Triumph, Iron Maiden, Dokken, Journey, Dio, Black Sabbath, Kiss




Quality & Originality:War Chant is a great right in the pocket recreation of all the legendary bands that we have all rocked out to for the past 40 years. I would not call them original per say but tell you that they are trying to carry a mighty metal torch that bands like Zepplin, Maiden, Sabbath, Priest and so many more lit that they want to pay there metal respects to. The songs are as tight as anything us headbangers would want and it is even mixed to almost have a bit of that analog feel to it. The mighty metal grasp this band of veteran rockers has put together is great listening for classic rockers to thrash and prog rock and rollers.


My Opinion:Thunder Tribe have created a great album that even some of the bands they pay tribute to cannot sound like anymore. The guitars have so much harmony to them with also a great rhythm section that backs up the mighty vocals of Micheal Duncan. This is classic metal done the right way with a full and rich songs that will make you tune up that air guitar of yours and head bang the entire neighborhood with the volume on ten. What I love is they go full bore and then slow things down a bit with the song ''Above The Blue'' to show you they are so much more then just a heavy band. Thunder Tribe might not be a brand new fresh sound but I honestly would not want it any other way.


Overall & Favorites:Above The Blue, Part Of The Black, The Light. I give this War Chant a 8 for taking me back to a time when music was more then a guy with a shirt tied around his waste just standing at a mic and only played two chords!!!


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