Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Work Of Art - Framework

Band:Work Of Art




Date Released:Sept 19th 2014



Time To Let Go
How Will I know
Shout Till You Wake Up
Can't Let Go
How Do you Sleep At Night
Over The Line
The Machine
Hold On To Love
The Turning Point
My Waking Dream



Band Members:

Lars Säfsund – vocals
Robert Säll – guitars, keyboards
Herman Furin - drums


Located: Stockholm Sweden




Genre:AOR Melodic Rock

Influences:Toto, Journey, Giant, Big Money


Label:Frontiers Music


Quality & Originality:Framework is a great melodic rock album that has such great overtones of bands like Toto and Journey. Work Of Art spent roughly a year and a half on this album and it shows in the magical passionate songs that are so well produced and written. The Swedish band has put together such unforgettable songs with soaring melodies that AOR fans will find this to be a must have album to rock out with.


My Opinion:Work Of Art really hit big with there third release bringing back that old school melodic rock that fans have loved since the mid 80's. Since there first 2008 release ''Artwork'' the band have grown and matured so much and it shows in the amazing song writing on the new album. Framework will please soft rock, AOR, and melodic rock fans alike.   


Overall & Favorites:Hold On To Love, Time To Let Go, My Waking Dream. I give Framework a solid 7 for such a melodic passionate album that lifts the soul and pleases the ears!! 


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