Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Metal Machine - Free Nation

Band:Metal Machine


Album:Free Nation


Date Released:Oct 24 2014



Skull And Bones
Nailed To The Cross
Morning Star
World Of Temptation
Lord Of War
Black Sun
Free Nation


Band Members:

Csaba Zvekan

(Various Studio Musicians)


Genre:Heavy Metal


Label:Dream Records


Promotion:Rock N Growl


Quality & Originality:Csaba Zvekan (Raven Lord, Zvekan, Exorcism) is back with a riff heavy towering inferno of a metal album. Free Nation has great song writing and bold production that is tight, crisp, heavy and passionate. The anthem style songs are fresh and bold and hold the essence old school heavy metal while retaining its own identity. The album could almost be considered a solo album with Csaba Zvekan taking on roles of musical composition, arrangements, lyrics and producer.  The music is amazing but Zvekan's vocals is what really ignites this album with a bad ass performance that mixes styles of everything from Dio, Jon Oliva, Ronny Munroe, Rob Halford and Ralf Scheepers and Robb Flynn. Free Nation has eight songs that take us on a massive metal journey across the 40+ years of metal done only how Csaba can do it!!!


My Opinion:This is a brilliant album that pushes Csaba and his amazing studio musicians into a massive world of metal done at its finest. I have listened to Zvekan really harness his vocals abilities from his bands Raven Lord and Exorcism and he really pushes himself into entire new tonal territory making this the best the metal singer has done to date. I really enjoy how many styles are written into this album from a dash of prog, heavy metal, classic metal, rock, hard rock and thrash. Free Nation is everything I love about metal and can be considered a instant classic ranked up with the metal gods. If you have not got on the METAL MACHINE yet chances are you will!!!!!!


Overall & Favorites:Free Nation, Morning Star, Nailed To The Cross. I give this bad ass metal album a 9.5/10 for its headbanging fist pumping fueled riffing bad ass journey!!!





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