Friday, August 22, 2014

Elegantly Wasted - The Dog Years

Band:Elegantly Wasted


Album:The Dog Years


Date Released:Dec 12 2013



Fire Away

Stolen Moments

The Dog Years

Tattoos And Memories

Morning Fog

Dead End Street

Love Is A Killer

World Gone Insane

Rising Sun

Under The Tide



Band Members: 

Lenny J

Queen D

Garner Knutson

Influences:Foo Fighters,Stone Temple Pilots,Guns'n'Roses,
Hanoi Rocks,


Label:Flaco Music

Promotion:Rock N Growl


Quality & Originality:The Dog Years is a great late 80's early 90's high energy rock n roll that has a great Guns N Roses/Slash guitar sound. There is a great bluesy feel on the songs that have amazing hooks and almost a bit of grunge at times. I love the song writing on this album it is straight forward and really easy to get into songs. The band has a original sound of great feeling songs that all rock lovers will enjoy and take a trip back to the good ol rock n roll days!


My Opinion:Los Angeles band Elegantly Wasted is back with there third album that really is a great trip for the ears. The good ol fashion rock n roll they deliver is such a great listen. I can hear such a tribute to bands like Guns N Roses, Velvet Revolver, Foo Fighters but still keep there identity. This band has grown so much over the years from there first release and it really comes thru on this release. I love how the songs are arranged they have such a great straight forward full balanced fusion to them that generations of rockers have spent there entire career to get this sound that this band has nailed in such a short time!!


Overall & Favorites:Stolen Moments, Rising Sun, Love Is A Killer. I rate this rock n roll energetic album a solid 8/10 for taking me back to a time when bands knew how to play there instruments!!





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