Thursday, August 14, 2014

Project Arcadia - A Time Of Changes

Band:Project Arcadia


Album:A Time Of Changes


Band Members:

Urban breed - vocals                              Plamen Uzunov - guitars
Dobromir Paraskov - bass
Daniel Dimitrov  - drums
Vili Neshev - guitars



 I am Alive

Beggars At The Door

The Ungrateful Child



A Time Of Changes

Formidable Foe

The Deal

Shadows Of The Night


Genre: Metal/Prog Metal




Influences:Pretty Maids, Savatage, Elegy, Vicious Rumors, Heaven's Gate, Stryper, Queensryche, Fates Warning, Crimson Glory and many others

Date Released: September 9, 2014


Label:Nightmare Records


Quality & Originality: This band is really hard to pin point as far as a genre what is really appealing to me cause it shows me they have a wide pallet of talent in the band and not scared to take chances. The album ranges from almost a classic rock and 80's metal one second to a modern metal and prog metal sound the next. The production on this album is as top notch very clear and responsive. The guitars are clear and accurate with great bass lines and spot on drumming. Urbans vocals really brings this melodic masterpiece together blending his very smooth and powerful singing styles. Very original from the start to the end leaving you wanting more and more from this band.


My Opinion:This is Project Arcadia's Sophmore effort that really pushes up what there debut album had started for them. I was sold on this album from the first song entitled ''Here To Learn'' it is brilliant. This album has so much to it what so many bands should take a page out of there song writing. It is rare for me to like every song on a album and I honestly cannot wait to see where this band goes next. When I see a band that is labeled Prog Metal I usually think I will know exactly what it will sound like and this band steps out of the shadows of its for comers and takes the bull by the horns.


Overall & Favorites:I Am Alive, Timless, Formidable Foe. I give this album a 9/10 for keeping me on my toes and the shear power of this album.



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