Thursday, August 7, 2014

Heliosaga - Towers In The Distance



Album:Towers In The Distance


Band Members: 

Chelsea Knaack - Lead Vocals
Damien Villarreal - Guitars/Keyboards
Jordan Ames - Drums


Date Released:August 22nd 2014




Genre: Symphonic 


Quality & Originality:So many Symphonic bands have the same feel and sounds with a gal that has a high pitched voice. Heliosaga is similar in many ways but with a new passion and tight feel with strong guitars and not over powered keys. The songs flow really well with tons of passion and feeling that breathes fresh life in a very almost robotic feeling genre. Every song stands up to the one before it. I am really drawn into the song writing on this album. I love how they pay tribute to the European feel but add a very American style and feel to there song writing.


My Opinion:If you are a fan of female fronted music, symphonice, metal and prog you will find something you will appreciate from ''Towers In The Distance''. The guitars are tight and powerful with chunky almost thrash style one second and then very open and acoustic the next. Chelsea has a velvet smooth voice that is very hypnotic and opera style but not to overbearing like so many similar bands in the Heliosaga genre. I am very impressed that the keys are right and tight and not all over and way out front.  Bass guitar tracks were recorded by Chad Novell (Fibonacci Sequence) but he is not credited as being part of the band.  This really is a remarkable album that is full of magic and a fullness that is not usually what you would expect from a band from Minnesota. Heliosaga formed in 2010 but by the sound of this album they sound like seasoned veterans giving a run to bands like Nightwish, Leaves Eyes, Theatre Of Tragedy.


Overall & Favorites: I fell in love with this album from the first song and rate it a solid 8/10. My personal favorites are Hunter's Moon, Scarlet Sphere, Edenscar



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