Sunday, August 31, 2014

Teramaze - Esoteric Symbolism



Album:Esoteric Symbolism


Date Released:April 15 2014



All Seeing Eye

Line Of Symmetry


Bodies Of Betrayal

Parallels-Dual Reality


Punishment By Design

Dust Of Martyrs

The Divulgence

Esoteric Sybolism

Order Out Of Chaos

Darkets Days Of Symphony

In Vitro


Band Members: 

Dean Wells-Lead/Rhythm Guitars /Backing vocals
Nathan Peachey- Vocals
Dean Kennedy- Drums
Luis Eguren-Bass Guitar
Dave Holley-Keys/Piano/synth


Genre: Prog/Power Metal


Label:Nightmare Records


Location:Melbourne Australia


Quality & Originality:Esoteric Symbolism is a powerful magical prog metal album that the band has pulled all the punches on. From the time that ''All Seeing Eye'' starts till the album is done each song has such a great presence to it. The songs are so well written and has so many great layers on it. The production is about as tight as you will ever get on any album you will ever hear. Nathan has one of the greatest Prog metal voices I have ever heard with it being so soft and powerful one second and then so firm and tight the next. This is about as original as you can get but still fits right into everything you would expect from the greatest prog metal in the land.


My Opinion:I am so totally blown away with this album. I get so many bands from the prog metal genre across my desk all the time and most of them being really good most of them never reach the level of what this album offers. Teramaze have really pulled out a album that will go down in my mind as one of the greatest prog metal albums of all time. The band held back nothing from some songs being really fast one sec and very light and airy the next taking you on a ride of a lifetime. I like that the band really keeps you on your toes. This truly is a rocking over the top bad ass album that will be in my mp3 player for as long as I can see!! Check this album out if you have not already!!!


Overall & Favorites:Line Of Symmetry, Spawn, Bodies Of Betrayl. I give this superior album a very high 9/10 with it burning a spot into my soul for a very long time!!!! 



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