Monday, August 25, 2014

Evergrey - Hymns For The Broken



Album:Hymns For The Broken


Date Released:Sept 30 2014


Formed: 1998


Genre: Power/Prog Metal, Melodic



The Awakening

King Of Errors

A New Dawn

Wake A Change

Archaic Rage


Black Undertow

The Fire

Hymns For The Broken

Missing You

The Great Collapse

The Aftermath

03. A New Dawn
04. Wake A Change
05. Archaic Rage
06. Barricades
07. Black Undertow
The Fire
Hymns For The Broken
10. Missing You
11. The Grand Collapse
12. The Aftermath


Band Members:

Tom S Englund

Rikard Zander

Joehan Neiman

Henrik Danhage

Jonas Ekdahl

Influences:Dark Melodic Metal, kiss, metallica, iron maiden, korn, deftones


Label:AFM Records


Quality & Originality:Evergrey is back with the most outrageous over the top dark melodic power metal album of there career. Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe, Primal Fear) did a superior job of mixing this album. I am totally blown away with the depth of the guitars, bass, drums, keys and the crisp sound of the vocals on this release. Production wise hands down the best I have heard this year!! The songs are very much Evergrey but they have really dug deep and grown since there last release. I am so blown away on the journey that is taken on this album that will blast you into realms of unknown I have never quite heard on any album to date.



My Opinion:The band was to the point of calling it quits not long ago what would have been a total shame. The veterans of melodic have always brought there A game but they went out and really dug deep into there souls to bring out this amazing album that has more ups and downs then anything they have released to date. It is hard, light, soft, harsh, and very emotional in a dynamic way that is perfection I am willing to go as far as saying a total masterpiece!!! If you like anything from metal, prog, power, melodic and even thrash you have to pick this very powerful album up it will really inspire you in a musical way!!


Overall & Favorites:Black Undertow, King Of Errors, The Grand Collapse. I am doing something I have NEVER done in the entire time I have reviewed, radioed or talked about I give this powerful masterful album a 10/10




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