Sunday, August 31, 2014

Megasonic - Intense






Date Released:Sept 24 2014



Sonic Tension

Bombs Away

Demon's Lust

Witches Brew

Future Shock

Love Lost Love

Crash and Burn

Run for Cover

Raging Heart

Eye of the Storm

Man in the Moon

Downto Mexico

Does You Mother Know


Band Members:

Dimitri Verhoeven
Jeroen De Bock
Lieven De Wolf



Genre:Heavy Metal/Hard Rock


Label:Mausoleum Records


Promotion:Rock N Growl


Quality & Originality:Megasonic is such a gifted band and Intense is a huge ball of Rock, Metal, 80'S Metal, Prog, Power. It is almost impossible to stick them into any genre cause they have broke the mold on what a ''Normal'' band should be and are doing it there way. They are extremely unique but have so many influence from the past and present bands out there. The album was mixed by Jeroen De Bock and mastered by the bands own Dimitri Verhoeven. I am such a huge fan of the riffs on this album they are all over but in such a killer metal way. This is a band you will not forget.


My Opinion:When I first put in Intense I thought I had the band figured out and each song I realized I was wrong, It made me want to hear more and more. Just when you think they are just more of a high fueled band they up and do a massive ballad entitled Man in the Moon to just show how impressive the song writing is. Megasonic will appeal to such a wide audience from your Symphony X to Savatage fans to your Anthrax and Hammerfall fans. I think it really helps that the band is not just a band but are all multi instrument players and have been close friends for a many years. It is a headbanging riff heavy monster balanced full bore real deal kick ass album!!!!!!!!


Overall & Favorites:Future Shock, Bombs Away, Eye of the Storm. I give this multi riff way killer massive album a solid 8/10 for making it a extreme enjoyable listen!!!!




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