Sunday, August 17, 2014

Illdisposed - With The Lost Souls On Our Side



Album:With The Lost Souls On Our Side


Date Released:June 27 2014


01. Going Down
02. The Way We Choose
03. Light In The Dark
04. I Am What I Am
05. Tugging At Your Heart
06. A Dreaded Pursuer
07. To Be Dealt With
08. On A Clouded Morning
09. No More Devil To Show
10. The Plan
11. Life Equals Zero
(Digipak Bonus Track)
12. Reversed
(Digipak Bonus Track)


Band Members: 

Bo Summer - Subwoofer (a.k.a. Vocals)
Jakob Batten - Guitar
Ken Holst - Guitar
Kussen Jensen - Bass
Kim Jensen - Drums




Genre:Death Metal


Label:Massacre Records


Quality & Originality:Denmark's veteran death metal royalty is back with there 13th album that reminds us why they have been one of the greatest in the genre all over Europe. I really like this album cause unlike so much other death metal the guitars, drums, bass and even vocals do not sound muddy and under drawn the music is extremely tight. Death metal usually has a base line where almost all albums sound very close to the same but Illdisposed is a band that broke out of that mold and it really shines on this album. The songs have a very melodic overtone that really brings this extreme brutal album together!!


My Opinion:If you are looking for a totally brutal album that will make you head bang and want to break stuff then you will love this album. The songs have this really heavy melodic tight feel that really drives this album. It is balls to the wall for the entire 12 songs with some of the coolest heavy guitars on the block that are extremely tight. Bo Summer has something about the way he sings that really does set this band apart from the rest of the pack in the death metal genre. Get ready to bust some skulls, jump around and fist pump till you feel something tear cause this over 20 year old band is not going anywhere!!!!!!


Overall & Favorites:Light In The Dark, Going Down, No More Devil To Show. I brutally give this extreme spine ripping album 8/10 for making me break a few lamps around my studio!!





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