Monday, December 1, 2014

Bailey - Long Way Down



Album:Long Way Down


Date Released:Dec 5 2014



Feed The Flames
In The Name Of The King
Dirty Little Secret
Bad Reputation
Somewhere In Oslo
Long Way Down
Spend The Night
Love Falls Down
Ticket To Yesterday
Dirty Angel


Band Members:

Nigel Bailey
Mario Percudani
Alessandro Mori
Alessandro Del Vecchio


Genre: AOR/Melodic Rock/Hard Rock




Quality & Originality:Nigel Bailey is back with a impressive debut of his new band. This is a bit harder when what we are use to with his other band (THREE LIONS). Bailey handles vocals, bass and guitars on this release with Alessandro Del Vecchio taking on production and keys and background vocals. The production is warm and well balanced with a pure natural sound that wins all the way. The music is well written and again well balanced with a great old school British Rock sound that fans have loved for many years.


My Opinion:Long Way Down is a great listen with such great hooks and a great almost blues feel at times. The album almost takes us back to the Survivor era of music but with a fresh feel. I really can see fans of everything from classic rock to prog and AOR fans to really embrace this as a instant classic. Baily has taken his experience and put to good use from the song writing to the production but my personal favorite is his singing style and how he comes across on this Long Way Down!!!


Overall & Favorites:Long Way Down, Feed The Flames, Ticket To Yesterday. I give Bailey and company a solid 8/10 for such a great ride!!!


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