Monday, December 1, 2014

Harem Scarem - Thirteen

Band:Harem Scarem




Date Released:Dec 9 2014



Garden Of Eden
Live It
Early Warning Signs
The Midnight Hours
Whatever It Takes
Saints And Sinners
All I Need
Troubled Times
Never Say Never


Band Members:

Harry Hess
Pete Lesperance
Creighton Doane
Darren Smith 




Genre:Rock/Hard Rock





Quality & Originality:Legendary band Harem Scarem is back with new material after a 6 year break. Ten fresh songs to remind us why we fell in love with these Canadian rockers. The song writing is flawless and very catchy with such great riffs and hooks that hit the memory very fast. The production is as perfect as you can get for anything this day in age. I fell in love with the melody on this album it has that classic Harem feel but it has a brand new fresh sound.


My Opinion:There is no denying that Harem Scarem is a very popular house hold name 12 top 40 hits in 43 different countries over a million albums sold and with a fresh new album no signs of slowing down. The band has such a great mixture of so many styles and genres that everyone from classic rock, AOR, prog, blues, southern rock and even the rockers should find something to enjoy. Keep your eyes open cause Scarem and the team is back!!!!


Overall & Favorites:Garden Of Eden, Live It, Troubled Times. I give this 13th release of this massive band a solid 8.5/10 for making the six years we had to wait freaking ROCK!!! 






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