Monday, December 1, 2014

Nubian Rose - Mental Revolution

Band:Nubian Rose


Album:Mental Revolution


Date Released:November 24 2014



Time Again
Illuminated Within
The Eye
Tough Guys Don't Dance
Break Out
You Will Never Walk Alone
(Taking This) Further
All Of Your Love


Band Members:

Sofia Lilja
Christer Akerlund
Henric Uhrbom
Tomas Weijnesjo
Torbjorn Weijnesjo


Joakim Ahlund
Mats Leven
Katarina Kammarkor






Label:Limewire/Cargo Records


Promotion: Rock N Growl


Quality & Originality:Mental Revolution had a solid team behind it from mastering by Mats Lindfors (Crashdiet, Scorpions, Treat) and mixed by Tobias Lindell (Heat, Europe, Harcore Superstar). Christer Akerlund produced it and Jakob Herrmann did the engineer duties. With all them fancy names what does that mean??? It means this is a bad ass album with great sound that has massive flavor and balance!!! The song writing really is magical with such a well versed vocals!!


My Opinion:Mental Revolution is Nubian Rose's second album and they have really grown with there music and song writing. There first album blew my mind and this new album is everything I was hoping. If you like everything from rock, metal, prog metal and everything in between you will find something to rock your world on this album. The band shows you also that they are so much more then riff fueled metal with such a great song like ''You will never walk alone'' what is such a great ballad that such power and passion. I say strap yourself in for one hell of a album!!!!!!!!!!!!


Overall & Favorites:The Eye, You Will Never Walk Alone, Break Out. I give this Mental Revolution a solid 8.5/10 cause metal bands with gorgeous chicks that can sing ROCK MY WORLD!! 


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