Monday, December 1, 2014

Graveyard Shifter - Brainwashed By Moonshine

Band:Graveyard Shifter


Brainwashed By Moonshine


Date Released:Oct 31 2014



Chicken Cage Of Terror
A Good Day To Die Hard & Loud
Graveyard Shifters (Necromance)
Molotov Cocktail
Play The Victim


Band Members:

J. Matilainen
J. Sumkin
A. Salmenoja
V. Vainionpaa
H. Kansonen 



Influences:Turbonegro, Disfear, The Hellecopters, 


Label:Eternal Sound Records


Location: Finland


Quality & Originality:This booze infused punk rock meets heavy metal music is crazy over the top wrecking ball into a gasoline truck of metal riffs and attitude. The production is not the tightest I have ever heard but I think that was kinda the point to just play killer heavy music and do what they loved and throw the book so many go by out the damn window!!!!!


My Opinion:With a band name like Graveyard Shifters and a album called Brainwashed By Moonshine you are not going to be listening to the normal metal or punk or well anything I have ever heard in that fashion. With that said it is not a bad thing really, This band took the ''Song Witing'' book and peed on it burned it then burned it. The riffs and attitude is infectious on this album giving me the want to jump up and trash my studio every time I listen to it!!!!


Overall & Favorites:Chicken Cage Of Terror is my favorite song and I give this album a 7.5/10 cause of the brilliance of less is way way more!!!! 


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