Monday, December 1, 2014

Bloodbound - Stormborn





Date Released:Dec 2 2014



Satanic Panic
Iron Throne
Nightmares From The Grave
We Raise The Dead
Made Of Steel
Blood Of My Blood
When The Kingdom Will Fall
Seven Hells
When All Lights Fail


Band Members:

Patrik Johansson
Tomas Olsson
Henrik Olsson
Anders Broman
Fredrik Bergh
Pelle Akerlind 


From:Bollnas  Sweden



Genre:Melodic Power Metal


Label:AFM Records


Quality & Originality:Bloodbound has really taken the formula for what they do and pushed it to a whole new dimension. Patrik is hands down the best front man with crushing powerful vocals that really are original from the well balanced almost Halford style screams to his amazing harmony. The music backing Patrik is powerful, full, balanced, explosive and just simply kick ass. The production is beyond amazing from the mix, master the entire album from start to finish the band is at the top of there metal game!!!


My Opinion:Bloodbound is a band that never does a bad album they always seem to pull off a well produced/written album but this time they have really come out swinging with a amazing album. This will please everyone from the prog/power but even old school metal heads from the Judas Priest fans clear up to modern day rockers are going to love this evil rocking masterpiece. I love how the band really has grown with the normal Bloodbound power but then they do songs like ''Nightmares From The Grave'' that have this really rich and different style and almost a celtic feel. I cannot find a bad song or anything really that I would change about this album but that when it is over I want to hear more!!!


Overall & Favorites:Nightmares From The Grave, Stormborn, Bloodtale, Iron Throne, Made Of Steel. I give this Stormborn a 9.5/10 for giving me a headache from headbanging!!!! 



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