Monday, December 1, 2014

In Faith - There's A Storm Coming

Band:In Faith


Album:There's A Storm Coming


Date Released:Oct 24 2014



Does If Feel Like Love
Church Of Rock n' Roll
Where I Wanna Be
If That's What Love Means
All Or Nothing
In Flames
Million Ways
Leave Me Now
Bitter End


Band Members:

Pete Godfrey

 Tony Marshall -Ex Contagious, Pride,Vaughn

Pete Newdeck -Tainted Nation, Newman, Ex Edens's Curse



Brooke St. James -Tyketto
Chris Green -Rubicon Cross, Ex Pride, Furyon
Pat Heath - Ex Furyon


Label:Rocktopia/Cargo Records


Promotion:Rock N Growl


Genre: Rock/Prog Rock/AOR


Quality & Originality:Before I had even listened to this album reading all about band to the guests and even the producer Pete Newdeck(Tainted Nation, Newman, Ex Eden's Curse)and Mastering By Harry Hess (Harem Scarem)I knew that this was going to be something really special. When I finally was able to give it a respectable listen I knew this was pure gold with a pure golden approach of a already amazing mixture of AOR and prog rock/metal. This is the real deal with originality overflowing from every song!!!!!!!


My Opinion:In Faith have come out of the gate swinging to make a lasting impression on fans of so many styles. I love the upbeat mix of 80's with a hit of rock and hard rock and a blast of prog and AOR. This is a brilliantly written album that really takes me back when people really cared about there music. With the resume of musicians that play on this album really shine into a brilliant collection of 11 songs just about anyone can fall in love with the first time listening!! My favorite part is the production on this album cause so many times in this style of music the keys or guitars are really dominate and this album is flawless with the mix giving all instruments a perfect home and place to flow the music!!!!


Overall & Favorites:Radio,Addicted, All Or Nothing. I give this album a 9/10 cause this album made me be totally In Faith just on the first listen!!! 




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